Artist Spotlight: Adam Severin

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Adam SeverinAdam is a full-time product designer & illustrator for WOE Catalog. He is also the co-creator & artist of the comic book series Alice & The Engine.

I’ve been friends with Adam for years. Since the days, we worked together at a children’s publishing company owned by the Tribune. I had a great time back then shooting the bull with Adam about illustration techniques, comics, and movies. Oh, yeah and once in a while, we worked on some children’s book stuff as well. Since those days, I have been lucky enough to work with Adam again on various product concept illustrations for him and his company. Oh, and to shoot the bull about the latest Marvel movie to come to the big screen.

Adam’s paintings are incredible, as you will soon see below. His work has a weight and life that most artists have trouble obtaining, making his images jump off the screen.  I continue to be inspired to step up my game every time he fires over a new design he’s worked up. I was incredibly fortunate to have become friends with Adam when our career paths crossed and humbled to have one of his illustration grace the pages of my comic.

Thanks, Adam.






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