Artist Spotlight: Jerry Lando

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Jerry Lando
Jerry Lando – (Image by Shane Hill)

Jerry Lando is a Joe Kubert School of Cartooning and Graphic Arts graduate. He is currently working full time in the pre-press/graphic design field and penciling an upcoming comic book series for Synergy Studios Publishing with Shane Hill. Jerry lives in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania with wife and two children.


I first became friends with Jerry in 1993 while we both attended the Kubert School, although he was fortunate enough to avoid the tribulations of having to survive living in the mansion. You lucky bastage! Since those wild days, the years passed and I had lost touch with Jerry, but fortunately I got to remedy that this spring when I got to hang out with Jerry again during the 20-year class reunion. It was like old times… (Well, minus one of our good friends mouthing off to the police and getting the party shut down. Damn shame about that. Ha!)  Jerry has a true dedication and love for his trade. I saw a prime example of this during the reunion at the cabin we all rented as he broke out his tools and began sketching while I sat like a slug on the couch and stuffed chips into my maw.

Now if every person on earth has a polar opposite when it comes to personality, then Jerry is that person to me. While I am a verbal bull in a China shop with arms waving, Jerry is reserved and deliberate, not only with what he has to say but also with every pencil line he lays down on a page. His work is truly awe-inspiring with beautifully lit scenes that so easily narrate the viewer through the story. Below is just a little taste of the incredible imagery Jerry has created over the years.


Thanks again Lando, the image that you and Shane created together for my first issue was amazing!


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