Artist Spotlight: Miles Hansen-Thiim

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Miles Hansen-Thiim
Miles Hansen-Thiim

Miles Hansen is an illustrator, writer and comic artist out of Perth, Western Australia, who works in both traditional and digital mediums. Strongly inspired by video games and Science Fiction, Miles’ projects involve character driven adventures flung near and far into the future, exploring different planets, or an earth changed from how we know it today.

I first met Miles about four or five years ago on the webcomic site Smack Jeeves. We stumbled across each others work and got commenting back and forth on each other’s pages. Back then Miles’ was working on his book Lunapocalypse. I was immediately drawn in by his wonderful use of camera angles and outstanding storytelling ability. I was hooked and back every week checking for new Lunapocalypse pages.

Now like I said earlier, Miles is from Australia, so I pretty much figured the internet was the only way I was ever going to be talking to him. Except that it turns out a great friend of his also happened to be a girl who I had met years ago, while she was still attending the High School that I was an alumnus of. I was introduced to tell her about my path to a career in illustration and her family and I went on to become friends. (If you read the Robb Bihun spotlight, you might notice a trend here.) Now years later, it turned out Miles was going to be in the states visiting her. So I got the chance to hang out with the both of them and talk art, stories, and more. That was awesome and still amazes me how interconnected our creative community truly is.

So this year, when I decided to do the first printed issue of the LDMC and include illustrations from artists that I have immense respect for, Miles was on the top of my list. I can’t tell you how gratified I was that he made the time to work up an image for my book, alongside all his own projects.

Thanks again, Miles.

 Below is just a small collection of some of the amazing work Miles has done.


Miles Hansen-Thiim Miles Hansen-Thiim Miles Hansen-Thiim Miles Hansen-Thiim Miles Hansen-Thiim Miles Hansen-Thiim Miles Hansen-Thiim

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