Artist Spotlight: Shane Hill

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Shane Hill

Shane is a graduate of the Joe Kubert School of Cartoon & Graphic Arts and is involved in many comic book projects, including Preternatural, 1362 & Unbroken Seal with Kevin Myers. He is also the creator/writer/inker of the comic book series the Undead State, penciled by Jerry Lando. Undead State is a horror story told in 8-page segments. It will be published as a regular feature in KNIGHT OF SCREAMS a horror anthology comic.


Like many of the incredibly talented folks I know, Shane is another great friend I made back when I attended the Kubert School in the 90s. Kubert imported Shane from the frozen tundra of Edmonton Alberta, Canada and dropped him right next door to my dorm room first year. We became friends and I found out pretty quickly that Shane doesn’t pull his punches. So if you don’t want to know what you screwed up on your illustration; it’s best not ask him. Over the years I’ve continually found his eye for detail invaluable for scoping out any issues I have with my projects and making them that much better. (Thanks again sir.) Much like myself, Shane is absorbed by storytelling and a movie junkie. (Again, we apologize to John Loftus for ruining the ending to every movie and TV show that came out in the past five years while at the Kubert Reunion.) Shane could always be counted on to catch the latest flick on the weekend to which we would then battle it out over the quality of the film. I was kind of known at the time for liking everything, so this happened a lot. This love for storytelling continued and led us both unknowingly to creating our series in a similar genre at nearly the same time. Life is funny that way.


Since then I had the incredible opportunity to illustrate a cover for the Undead State issue 2, and I am completely blown away by the series. It’s just wonderful. Shane’s storytelling and illustrations for the series are beautiful. Well, in a bloody, oh my god are those intestines he’s dragging kind of way. Also keep an eye for yours truly in the book. I’m the handsome bald guy with the AR15. I think I get treated very unfairly. Just say’in.


Below is just a small taste of the incredible work Shane has been cranking out over the years. Enjoy!



Dare Devil


Stranger Things


us-booth-2016-shane hill undead state


mad max


zombies shane hill


undead state shane hill


Shane Hill Knock out

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