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The LDMC rolls into Balen to look the Gods in the eye and asks their almighty creator M.K. Palmer about Meraki.



The MERAKI Kickstarter will be live until July 4.
Stop by Michelle’s campaign and support the start of a great new series!

Meraki Kickstarter
Meraki Kickstarter

Was any of Meraki inspired by any of your life experiences or folks you know?

When I sat down to create the traits for each of my characters I thought about the personalities of my close family and friends. Tau is based on my brother. He is intelligent, observant, loyal, and creative. Both of my sisters (of course) wanted to be Gods. My younger sister is Hades. She has a little dark side and it just seemed right! My older sister is a new God. There will be more revealed about her in Issue 0. And if you see my family, you may notice a resemblance to their characters.


Meraki Cave


So Michelle, tell the Club a little about yerself and who all is involved in your project?

As a teenager, I read a lot of X-Men comics. I could relate to the fact that they were outsiders, but I never truly identified with them. Not one of them was gay. Two years ago I finally had the opportunity to create the comic book I always wanted to read.

Both the artwork and the writing tell the story in a good comic book. It was important to me to find an artist that could bring my imagination to life. Ming Hang’s work matched my ideas perfectly. Her attention to detail and coloring have taken this book to a new level!

I found my writing mentor, James I., in a comic book writing class. He helped me learn the craft of storytelling. His encouragement and feedback have been critical for creating a solid script.

D.M. Hedlund is another Contributing Editor (you can’t have too many Editors, I guess) and marketing guru. She is the CEO of Tethered by Letters and Editor-in-Chief of F(r)iction. It was her idea to create Issue 0 as a standalone story to introduce people to the world of MERAKI.

Last but not least, my partner Lisa is our Webmaster Extraordinaire (she asked me to call her that).


Meraki’s story is fueled by some very well-known Mythological heavy hitters, where do the whims of these Gods take us in your story?

Zeus, Ares, and Athena play a role throughout the ongoing story. In Issue 0, Hades plays a crucial role. The majority of this storyline takes place in the Underworld. Several mythological creatures also make appearances.


Could ya give us a little insight into the world of Balen? Any places the average folk should stay out of, but say a Club of bikers would enjoy?

MERAKI takes place in the world of Balen, a land created by the mighty Greek Gods. It is home to nine races. Created in Ares’ image the Wrathic Warriors males are 8’ of pure muscle. They love to fight and drink. I believe your club of bikers would get along quite well with this rowdy group!


Meraki is filled will an array of interesting characters, who would you say is the driving force behind the series?

It is Psi’s story. We follow her throughout her life, learning the events that turned her bitter and hostile. But you’re right, there are multiple characters in this story for people to identify with. Thunder is a character that has stood out from the very beginning. People love him. He is kind, a good cook and a great storyteller!




Where should Club members go to get their hands on the series?

Issue 0 will launch on Kickstarter in late spring. Until then, people can check out the website for sneak peeks or better yet, sign-up for our newsletter to receive updates on the project. You can also visit the website at


What’s the best way for fans and publishers to contact you? -I check it every day!


Any words of wisdom you would like to pass down to other creators about to enter the industry?

Be patient! Everything takes time. And I’m not just talking about the story and artwork; I’m also talking about building up a social media following and fanbase. It is a very slow going process for new creators, but the earlier you start, the better!

Meraki Comic Book

Well, we’ll let you go before we offend any of the Gods, but real quick what’s on the horizon for Meraki in the future?

The scripts for Issues 1-12 are currently going through edits. Then getting the art created like I mentioned above can take some time. The next few months should be very exciting for MERAKI so stay tuned!


Thanks Michelle, for sharing your story with us. The Club wishes you much success on your new series and we’ll make sure to stop by and grab a pint with the Wrathic Warriors!


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