Artist Spotlight: Kevin Myers

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Kevin Myers is a Joe Kubert School of Cartooning and Graphic Arts graduate. He is a full-time freelance illustrator with his company UniverseK and has worked for a variety of clients including Google, Carson-Dellosa, Bayer, Colgate, Hello, and many others. … Continued

LDMC Winner: Fred Schwartz!

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  The Club is proud to announce the October Winner, Fred Schwartz! Another fellow biker and member of the Doof Clenas Motorcycle Collective. Congrats Fred! You just won a custom zombie illustration as an LDMC gimp and one of the … Continued

Kickstarter Alpha Sergeant at Arms

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I’d like to introduce the LDMC KICKSTARTER ALPHA CHAPTER SERGEANT AT ARMS: SWEDE! Big Swede is the first of the eight officer illustrations for the KSA Chapter to be completed. Swede is now gracing the Club’s Chapter Page with his presence and keeping an eye … Continued

LDMC Kickstarter Alpha Chapter Roster

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Welcome, Club Members! The LDMC Kickstarter Alpha Chapter Roster can be found on the Lost Dogs MC’s website at this address – The roster contains the names of all the extraordinary members that joined the Club to make the campaign a success. … Continued

Who is that masked man?

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The bandanas, secured by Chapter President Tim D’Allaird, for the LDMC Kickstarter, have arrived, and they kick arse! The printers at Screen Gems did some beautiful work. Well if you can call a rotting biker zombie beautiful?