Artist Spotlight: Kevin Myers

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Kevin Myers
Kevin Myers

Kevin Myers is a Joe Kubert School of Cartooning and Graphic Arts graduate. He is a full-time freelance illustrator with his company UniverseK and has worked for a variety of clients including Google, Carson-Dellosa, Bayer, Colgate, Hello, and many others. Along with the wide variety of freelance projects  Kevin continues to illustrate comics with credits including Popgun: Volume 1, 71 Yards, Unbroken Seal, and Chicken Town.

I met Kevin back in 1993 while attending the Kubert School. That first year of school fate landed us as roommates in the fine digs known as the Mansion. We ended up becoming great friends that first year as we spent most of our time insulting each other and eating pasta while watching Hill Street Blues reruns at 1 am as we tried to get the morning’s homework done.

We definitely have a similar mindset on most things, and it was pretty evident when a few of us went to see Pulp Fiction at the theater for the first time. There’s a point in the movie where Vincent Vega accidently shoots a friend in the head while riding in his car and the entire theater went silent; the whole place was horrified. Well, except for us two idiots in the back who burst out laughing at the top of our lungs. Now I’m sure folks reading this are making the same disgusted face as most of the people who attended the movie that day, and you feel that there is something seriously wrong with us? Well, You are probably right. In our defense, It was so damn absurd that I don’t know how you couldn’t laugh? We were nearly crying from laughing so hard. Apparently, damaged minds think alike.

After graduation, we both headed back to our old stomping grounds to become millionaire artists. So far that hasn’t happened, but we remained best friends and bullshit constantly on instant messenger about our latest projects. To this day I count on Kevin’s advice to catch any mistakes in my work; like my bright magenta sky, I painted the third year at Kubert. If you ever hear one of us refer to something in your project as a magenta sky, it’s not a good thing. HA! I’ll never live that one down.

Thanks again Kev, for all the help over the years and passing my name along on some truly great projects.
I appreciate it, brother!


Below is some of the incredible work Kevin has created over the years.




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