The day has come…

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LDMC bloody order of comics

All comic books have shipped!

The Club is extremely happy to announce that all of the physical copies of the LDMC #1 have left the Clubhouse and are on their way to our members!

All that remains is to finish a handful of the custom art rewards for the officer level backers, and the Lost Dogs MC will be a complete success.

So far I’m getting great reports of the books making the journey without any problems. There was one post office that took the “do not bend” sticker as a challenge and apparently succeeded in defying its request. If there is anyone else who had issues in receiving their rewards, make sure to contact me, and I will correct the problem.

I hope everyone enjoys the comic book and I will be starting on the illustrations soon as I wrap up a couple children’s books I have due in December.

Thanks, everyone.



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